Light of the Valleys
Light of the Valleys Lutheran Church is our new mission congregation starting in the North Valleys. Just like Shepherd of the Mountains helped to start The Springs back in 2008, now Shepherd of the Mountains and The Springs are working together to spread the good news of Jesus to even more people in the North Valleys.

Light of the Valleys has moved into its storefront address that will now serve as the permanent site for worship services!

Our new address is 4790 North Red Rock Road #103, Reno NV, 89506

Worship Schedule on Sunday mornings:
  • Bible Class -  8:00 am
  • Worship -  9:30 am

in December, our new pastor, Pastor Joel Heckendorf was be installed as the full-time pastor of this new mission. We pray that through him, God may continue to extend his mercy and grace through the gospel message of salvation in Christ alone. 

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